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April Business Spotlight: Doug Rough
By: Redmond Business Showcase ~ 3/5/2017

DougRough_headshot_s.jpgApril’s Business Spotlight is Doug Rough!  Be sure to join us at our April 7th, networking breakfast for a chance to hear more about Doug, and what he does!

To say the least, Doug is an interesting person with a multitude of experiences and adventures!  After spending over thirty years not only writing financial planning and forecasting models for Seattle City Light, and buying and selling power all over the Western US and Canada; he earned his MBA from the University of Washington.  Most recently, Doug has written the book, “Do You Have ANY Safe Money”.  Doug’s goal in writing the book was to help folks with proper analysis and research regarding safe money – money that is likely to beat inflation over time.  Since Doug is fortunate to have a great pension from Seattle City Light, his passion is to help others.  Even though he wanted to be able to give the book away for free, his industry affiliations prevent that.  However, Doug has made the book available at Amazon as inexpensively as possible.

Fun facts about Doug include: He has visited over 22 countries. He, and his wife climbed Mt. Rainer together. In his 30s, Doug won a 5k race in Seattle. Doug actually owns a chunk of the Berlin Wall, that he sledgehammered himself, when the wall came down. Doug is a Sounders season ticket holder.

And, in Doug’s own words, "We are here for a good time, not a long time, so have a good time."  In the financial world, too many people think that money equals happiness.  Nope.  What you want is happiness, and financial comfort is part of that.  If money causes you stress, then it is not helping you be happy.

You have the chance to learn more about Doug, and his new book at our next RBS Breakfast Networking meeting on April 7th.


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